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Our Projects

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customized signs and decor. In our showcase, we display a little bit of what we are capable of. All of these projects were custom designed specifically for our fantastic customers. So if there is something here that you really like, please contact us so we can figure out how to make the design yours! You may even be able to have your design displayed right here in our showcase!

The Train Station

This was a very intricate design. This sign is about 3 feet tall, and features an old steam locomotive. The idea behind the sign was a model train set. The customer gave this as a gift to their father, who loved model trains.

The Buck

This design features the outline of a deer with antlers cutout of an oval shaped sign. The customer wanted a sign to hang in their garage to add and outdoor feel to the working area.

The Family Name

This design features an elegant script letter inside of a ring. Below the ring is the family name in bold font. The original design was for a barn at a family farm, but there is no limit to what this style can accomplish. This particular design brings a graceful look to any outdoor building or indoor living space.

Team Yard Sign

This decorative yard sign features a team logo. The original design was for the local school, but this can be used with virtually any team logo you can imagine.

Small Ornaments

The ornament designs are totally endless. This design features names inside of the great state of Ohio. However, ornament designs can be made for just about any occasion.

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